Who Are We

“Odeh Factory ‘ was established in 1983. It has been one of the general Palestinian attempts at preserving the beauty and spiritual depth of the past. Faithful to their inherited profession , father and children continued what they had learned from their grandparents. We have developed and added many new ideas and designs to the olive wood hand carving. A one room humble workshop , with the smell of Palestinian olive has flourished today into large Factory employing 15 professional artists. It was this family attempts that have kept the tradition of crafting in olive wood till today. Each item is a piece of history holding a glimpse of a glarious past and colored with The Holy and scared essnece of the place where Jesus , Our Lord ,was born. Odeh Factory has been working in olive wood crafting since 1983.
Since then, we’ve earned a reputation of producing with quality , elegance and style .Our products have made way to several international and European exhibtions where they became a central point of attraction for work and partners.
The olive wood tree is a symbol of persistence and permanent existence. The tradition of crafting in olive wood is unique to Palestinians, where pure olive wood is a piece of the ancient past as much as it is a promise of a better future. Odeh Factory has been a pioneer in this craftsmanship, and they have earned a reputation for producing products with quality, elegance and style. Our products have made way to several international and European exhibitions, where they were under the spotlight.
-We provide high quality packaging to protect the products.
-We can ship our products all over the world by using many shipping methods such as ems shipping, Sea shipping and DHL shipping.
- We handicraft High quality and unique olive wood products.
- Each day we produce more and more new designs.
- Our prices are wholesale prices.

Mr. Ibrahim Odeh

Mr. Majed Odeh